3 easy ways to decorate your home for the seasons

Being a busy mother of three, I have found myself wanting to make every aspect of my life as simple as possible! I have taken all the clutter from my home and simplified each and every room to hold ONLY ITEMS THAT ARE USEFUL AND HAVE A PURPOSE. With that said, I still want a beautiful home that makes me feel good! So I make a few exceptions. Every room may have a few items in it that are just plain pretty and make me feel good. I allow 2 or 3 items, in 2 or 3 places, in each room that are purely decorative and make each space beautiful and special. About half of these items are things that I am personally connected to (like family photos, my great grandmother’s vase, etc) and the other half are usually items that are very ‘season specific’ and are easily interchangeable throughout the year. They allow me to appreciate the beauty and special memories that come with the changing seasons and holidays of the year and I never get bored since I change them every 6 weeks or so. I know that sounds like a lot, but wait and see how simple it is! Here are my top 4 picks:
1. Find a handful of beautiful glass containers that you love. Choose whatever style fits your home or personality. Mason and canning jars give an old country feel, antique hand cut glass dishes and milk glass fit perfectly into a shabby sheik or cottage space, and apothecary jars and stemmed glassware are flexible enough to fit in a more formal space or can give a classic ‘fits anywhere’ feel. Place these dishes around your house and fill them with simple seasonal items. Some examples: Colored eggs at Easter, lemons or limes in the summer, acorns or apples in the fall, candy corns at Halloween, gourds for thanksgiving, small glass Christmas balls during the holidays. You get the picture. The possibilities are endless and it’s a simple, inexpensive and fun way to decorate for the seasons. If you find items that don’t spoil and can be saved from year to year, it’s even more economical.